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Tag Team for Tots & Teens

One of the best things about being a reporter is the privilege of telling other people's stories. The town crier might have gone the way of the moat, but reporters are still the bridge between the news and the people.

There is a couple in Chesterfield advocating for the rights of mentally challenged and physically disabled children. Larry and Gail Altman have spent the last seven years working as mediators between school districts and parents. Larry has the law degree; Gail brings the passion and an extensive background in education. According to Gail, "Larry's the hammer; I'm sort of like the chisel". Together, they are compassionately carving a corridor of equity through area schools.

Last year Larry was honored by the Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center. This year the organization, which has been a voice for children more than 100 years, recognized Gail with the same award. And today, it is my honor to share their story with you.

If you would like for me to tell the good news about someone you know, email me at vnewton@kmov.com.

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