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A Tribute to A Cultural Icon

My family of friends said goodbye to a beloved matriach over the weekend. Edythe Granberry, owner of Wade Funeral Home, buried her mother. Mrs. Laura Staten Robinson was born in 1911...before the telephone, electricity, and the internet. What she embodied for decades, though, were timeless values: integrity, compassion, and commitment...married to the same man for more than 50 years.

She taught school in the Saint Louis Public School District...in the days before superintendents changed more regularly than the textbooks. And at the tender age of 13, Laura Staten joined Saint James A.M.E. Church...where she was a member for 84 years! It is where her loved ones said farewell on Saturday.

These days our national mood is infected with an apocalyptic fever. The bottom is dropping out of many of the country's financial institutions: starting with an ailing mortgage industry and culminating in a global economic crisis. It bares an unsettling resemblance to the Great Depression. The generation of Americans who lived through those grim days were characterized by a grace refined under pressure.

Laura Staten Robinson came of age during that time. The way she lived her life demonstrated her ability to survive the difficult; her determination to serve others; and, her willingness to empathize. It is a legacy her family cherishes and one more of us might need to adopt...in good times and bad.

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