The headlines are often filled with troubling stories about children. Earlier this week, we reported the tragedy of Joseph Schoolfield, a three year-old Jefferson County boy who died last month.

Joseph's mother and her boyfriend are accused of abusing him. Late last year, Joseph was taken from his mother and placed in state custody, but a judge decided to send him back home. Not long after, the child died.

There are a number of organizations that exist solely to serve and save children. This weekend one of the oldest will celebrate 175 years of providing "compassionate care and treatment to restore children and strengthen families through intensive therapy, special education, case management and support services". Edgewood Children's Center is holding its annual fundraiser, and I am honored to serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

I am often asked which stories are the most difficult to report. For me, the news about children who have been abandoned, abused, and allowed to fall through the cracks are heartbreaking. And it is almost impossible, sometimes, to tell their story without escalating into an editorial about how such horrors should never occur.

Time are hard...and money is tight all around. But let's hope the places that devote their resources to rescuing children from the edge are able to keep their doors open and that our hearts will do the same when we hear about their mission.

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