These are extraordinary times. All of us know it. Every time I think I have my emotions pinned to the mat, I read another email from a Saint Louisan who is "Ready to Work".

We launched the series earlier this week, profiling some of the thousands who want to work. And we have received hundreds of emails. Each is attempt to condense a life story into a brief narrative that will end up on television and led to a new job.

In some cases, family and friends are writing on behalf of their loved ones. "Linda" wrote to tell us about her friend of 30 years. The friend and her husband both worked for the same company. When the company closed, they lost their jobs and medical benefits. The husband fell into a deep depression. He was urged to seek counseling, but without insurance, there was a six-week wait. Two weeks before his first session, he committed suicide. The friend lost her home. And her two children...ages 18 and 20...are now paying her bills. She is out of money and running out of hope.

We live in a city of generous, kind, resourceful people. But so many are struggling. If this is your season of prosperity and you can help, please do. Thank you.

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