Sorry, You're Just Too Good For Us -

Sorry, You're Just Too Good For Us

There is a message in my voice mail from a viewer whose hopes of finding a job were dashed once again today.

Her name will remain anonymous, but she represents so many of our neighbors who are being told over and over again, "You're overqualified". Since when do we not want a bargain. How many of us are not looking to have more for less? I just bought bell peppers because they were on sale; I'll figure out what to cook later.

The caller's voice cracked under the weight of more rejection. And she says to add insult to injury, she had been told she was "too polished". Does that mean she should have dressed in a tank top and flip flops? Printed her resume on a cocktail napkin? I mean, really.

What's my beef, you're asking. Since we started our "Ready to Work" series, I have met dozens of smart, good people who want to work. Sure, times are hard. But imagine how frustrating it must be to look for a job for months, finally land an interview, and after shining your spiel for the human resources spotlight, all you hear is: "You're overqualified". Not..."Uh, listen...we see a lot of potential. You have a lot of the qualities we want on our team. And this is hard to say, but we wish you spoke six more languages, had experience managing hedge funds, and typed 200 words a minute." can live with! It gives you a few things to work on. But, "Uh, you're just too good for us"? Sounds like a lame way to deflate someone who might very well be on the other side of your interview some day.

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