You read it here first: I'm retiring. It's my shoulder...22 years of holding up jackets with football-size pads, and I'm out! But in three weeks, you can find me reporting the news on another station, in another city.

Does anyone else find Brett Farve's serial retirements disingenious? We heard it with Michael, the one of hardwood fame. There was George, known for his one-two famous for his grill (not the one rappers wear). And today, it is the former Cheesehead...who offers us football fans more fromage now than when he played for Green Bay.

Having never been remotely close to making 25 million dollars in two years, so I can only imagine how that feels. And because I have watched football since the days of the Steel Curtain, I can appreciate the love of game. The money and the moments are a potent combination. But keeping one's word is equally compelling. At the risk of sounding presumptuous and pious, Brett...until you decide you are ready to watch an entire season from a recliner, spare us your waffling.

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