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A big thumbs down to the NCAA for their most recent screwup -- the BCS. Although it probably won't matter...the fact that mizzou was passed up by West Virginia this week shows more reasons as to why this whole system needs to be scrapped.
There are a number of reasons the Tigers should not have been lapped but that they can be calls even more into question as validity of the system. Suppose mizzou beats kansas and west virginia wins BIG...the mountaineers stay in front?...what about ohio state who's trying to get back into the picture. Suppose mizzou wins and goes on to play a less attractive oklahoma in the BIG 12 title game...can you trust that one of the premier teams behind them could slide ahead.
Mizzou SHOULD be able to control their fate...a win saturday and a win in the B12 championship should get them a crack at the title game...but you never know. At least they're better off than Hawaii!

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