Tonight is the Night.... -

Tonight is the Night....

Tonight is the night that as a Mizzou football fan I have waited for my entire life for. Tonight is the night that a dream can be fulfilled that I always dreamt about but never was anywhere close to seeing fulfilled. This is the night that the Missouri Tigers can become the #1 team in the country and be just one win away from a national championship. I have lived through Norman conquests. I have lived through Woody's Wagon. I have lived through whipping's handed out by Nebraska year after year. I have lived through 1-10 seasons and now finally tonight all of the hope that I have had every year for Missouri football can finally come to fruition. This is the night that I can't believe is finally here. I have been giddy like a kid at Christmas all week waiting for this game and finally it is here. I have lived through the disappointments that Missouri football has brought me year in and year out and I know I should be jaded and concerned about the Jayhawks tonight but I am not. This team is different. This team is special. This feels like the 1999 Rams all over again to me. This team has me 100% confident that they will win tonight. This night is special. Enjoy what is the biggest game in Missouri Football history and for that matter Kansas too. Mark me down on this one....Missouri 51 Kansas 31.

Tim Klutsarits

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