First Thoughts OU-MU -

First Thoughts OU-MU

We will definitely be dissecting this Big XII Championship Game all week on the TV side and certainly online but here are some quick thoughts on the game....

You will see some national pundits this week talking about a letdown game for the Tigers. I have no doubt in my mind that Gary Pinkel will have his team prepared. This team shows no signs of a letdown.

It was shocking to me how poorly pundits nationally know the Missouri football team at this point. The people, at ESPN specifically, you would expect to be up on the team are not at all. I would expect the national media to catch up this week following the win over Kansas.

One of things I forgot about when starting to look at this game was that Tony Temple was not in the lineup in Norman. That will make a difference.

The game will be played on turf in the Alamodome. With all the athletes that Mizzou has on offense you would have to think that is an advantage.

Oklahoma is already a 3 point favorite in Vegas. There are still a lot of people in this country who don't believe in Missouri and that is OK. That will be a motivational factor for Mizzou.

Expect the crowd in San Antonio to be about 65% Oklahoma and 35% Mizzou but as of tonight there are still tickets available for the game.

Lots more to come but I am definitely already looking forward to Saturday night.

Tim Klutsarits

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