College Football Snobbery.... -

College Football Snobbery....

I have been absolutely floored this week at the utter disdain the national media has had toward a possible West Virginia vs. Missouri National Championship Game. I have seen things written about how bad this is for college football. I have seen the game called the battle of the Hicks vs. the Hee-Haws. I break it down to simple snobbery by the "big boys" in college football. They just can't stand that their beloved SEC team, Michigan, Ohio State or Notre Dame aren't playing in the big game. The landscape of college football has changed forever and it is now possible that other programs are going to show up in the big game and sometimes, as shocking as it may be to the older guard, it won't produce Florida and Ohio State in the BCS Championship game every year.

The two things I have always hated about college football are first that the title is not decided on the field and second there is a caste system in place that doesn't allow everyone the chance to win. This year all the stars alligned and Missouri and West Virginia are threatening that system to it's very core and that REALLY bothers the old guard and surprisingly to me the national media. Why would you not want two exciting offenses playing against each other for the whole thing?

What has been even more shocking is the national media who is paid to follow the game on a daily basis having no idea about Missouri or how the BCS works. I actually saw bowl projections today from national experts that not only don't have Missouri in the title game, which I can understand if you believe the Sooners will win the game, but they don't even have Mizzou in a BCS game sliding all the way down to the Cotton Bowl on January 1st. The one "expert" had Kansas getting the BCS game over Missouri. Forgive me if I am wrong but didn't Missouri just beat Kansas 1 week earlier? There is no way in BCS terms they slide past Kansas. The other "expert" who put Mizzou in the Cotton Bowl decided that the Big XII gets only the one bid for Oklahoma winning the game. He then puts Illinois in the Rose Bowl game and slides Kansas all the way to the Holiday Bowl. How is this even plausible? Again maybe I missed something but didn't Missouri beat Illinois earlier this season? These "experts" are supposed to know the game and how this convoluted system works. Clearly they know neither.

All I can pull out of this is that the old guard can't handle anyone but the traditional top 15 programs winning or everything in the sport is wrong. That is just plain not right. I can't wait for the Hicks vs. the Hee-Haws in the National Championship. Let's just hope both teams hold serve this weekend and it happens.

Tim Klutsarits

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