And the winner is.... -

And the winner is....

Alright we are down to 48 hours till the new biggest game in Missouri history and as optimistic as I was last week that Mizzou would win I am equally as nervous this week. As the week has continued I keep thinking that Oklahoma is a lot better than most people in black and gold glasses would like to believe. The fact is the Sooners are a very talented team and are every bit as good as Missouri on paper. Missouri fans want to tell you that the game was within the Tigers reach and they very easily could have won the game had Maclin not fumbled and Pig Brown made the interception. They are correct. Oklahoma fans would tell you that the score was 41-23 when Missouri had a late cosmetic touchdown to make it look closer then it really was and that the game is 4 quarters long not 3. They are correct as well.

So what does it all mean for this Saturday? Not a lot. This game is completely different then the previous one because of the circumstances. EVERYTHING is on the line for Missouri and Oklahoma. This is not just some random game in October. This is for the Big XII Championship and for one team a ticket to the National Championship. It is not in Norman it is at the neutral site in San Antonio. Both teams are affected by injuries that weren't there when they played previously.

I do know this. As a life long Missouri fan who has suffered through the miserable times and the anguish of tough losses this seems to be the point in the script where the rug gets pulled out from underneath the Tigers and the team is crushed in some horrific manner. It scares me that it is about to happen again because if Missouri makes it to the Championship game I can live with knowing that I have lived long enough to see the Tigers playing in the title game. But to be this close and not have it happen seems to be more like Missouri football then what we have witnessed this year.

So when it comes down to the final prediction do I go with my brain and say Missouri wins this game because they are the slightly better team or do I go with my gut that has that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that the end of the run is at hand?

I am going with my brain on this one. I believe Missouri is the best team in the country and they will prove to all the nation that they really are this good. Missouri 41 Oklahoma 35. Let's hope I am right.

Tim Klutsarits

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