The Way It Should Be..... -

The Way It Should Be.....

Missouri got the shaft. I think everyone outside of the BCS committee understands that at this point. So allow me to offer up what should have happened yesterday but didn't because the powers that be can't get their head out of the sand and set up a playoff. The playoff system I suggest would make the most sense and since it does it will never make sense to the NCAA bigwigs. Here is how my system works......

It would be a 16 team tournament lasting 4 weeks. All 11 conference champions receive automatic bids. If you are a Division One team then you have to have an opportunity to win the title. Hawaii did everything they were supposed to and they still have no shot to win it all. That is unfair. In this system they would have a shot as they should. Do I believe they would win it? No. But they deserve the opportunity. The conferences would decide how they want to determine their automatic bid. If they want a championship game to decide it that is fine. If they don't that is fine too.

The remaining 5 slots would be determined by the highest remaining BCS teams not receiving automatic bids. The argument would then center on whether the 10th or 11th team deserved a shot at the championship instead of the 3rd through 6th team. Currently the 3rd or 4th team much less the 10th or 11th team has no shot so this is much more fair.

I would make selection Sunday yesterday and then take a week off for finals. Thus taking care of the "student-athlete" concern that the bigwigs would like to sell as a reason not to have a playoff.

My system would begin on the following weekend in this case Dec. 15. All games would be played on college campuses of the higher seeds. This makes it a big moneymaker for the schools and that is what the NCAA is all about. The games would be the 15th/22nd/29th and then the championship on the 7th which is what it is now.

The other argument has always been what happens to the bowls? My answer. Absolutely nothing. Every team that doesn't make the "Final Four" can go to a bowl game that is played on Janaury 1st. Remember how great it was to have all these games on that one day instead of all over the place. This systems allows the 1st to go back to being a football bonanza. It also allows teams to make money in the bowl games for their schools.

The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals would be the current "big bowl" games. Thus the Orange Bowl can still be there as will the Rose Bowl etc. They just now become regional sites for these games.

So here is how my system would look had it been instituted for this season......

1 Ohio State (Big 10 Champ)
16 Florida Atlantic (Sun Belt Champ)

8 Kansas (At-Large)
9 West Virginia (Big East Champ)

4 Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)
13 BYU (Mountain West Champ)

5 Georgia (At-Large)
12 Florida (At-Large)

3 Virginia Tech (ACC Champ)
14 Central Florida (C-USA Champ)

6 Missouri (At-Large)
11 Arizona State (At-Large)

7 USC (Pac-10 Champ)
10 Hawaii (WAC Champ)

2 LSU (SEC Champ)
15 Central Michigan (MAC Champion)

How awesome would that tournament be and how much interest do you think that would generate for college football. You have all sorts of cinderella possibilities and every workplace in this country would have a bracket sheet and have "friendly" wagering going on to see who would play in the national championship. If CBS is paying 600 million a year for basketball what do you think a football contract would look like. The system is fair and it has all the intangibles that has made the basketball tournament a huge success.

The system I know will never be accepted because there is a chance that one of the smaller powers could wind up winning it all. But isn't that what makes college basketball so great in March? Everyone loves when George Mason, Villanova or NC State shocks the world. That is what sports is all about. What college football is all about is ugly. We always knew it was about money but the problem is that they could make more money if they did something that made more sense. It is ludicrous that there are 5-6 schools who have honest beefs as to why they aren't playing for the national championship when there is a very simple way to do it that will generate a ton of revenue.

Tim Klutsarits

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