Chase Daniel.... -

Chase Daniel....

Tonight on ESPN they held the awards ceremony for the College Football Awards and it occured to me that in my 10 years working at KMOV I have never recorded the show for use or for that matter even cared about the College Football Awards. Tonight though I did care because Chase Daniel was involved and had a chance to win the Davey O'Brien Award.

I know things didn't work out the way everyone wanted it to in the Big XII Championship but if nothing else Chase Daniel has helped to make the Missouri Tigers Football program relevant not only in St. Louis but in the rest of the country.

Even though Chase didn't win the award and probably won't win the Heisman on Saturday either it is important to realize how special of a season this was. Was it everything everyone hoped would happen? No. But this is the most special Missouri Football season in my 31 years on this planet and it shouldn't be lost on any Tigers fan or me for that matter.

That being said they still should've been in a BCS Bowl....Ha-Ha.

Tim Klutsarits

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