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Jackson Out Of Line....

Steven Jackson was way out of line criticizing Rams fans for not showing up to the game against the Packers and selling their unused tickets to the cheeseheads. The last time I checked the Rams were a 3-11 football team and had no chance of making the playoffs. If the Rams were 11-3 and the Dome was packed with Packers fans then he would have a valid argument but to criticize fans for not showing up for a bad product is just plain wrong. Why would you spend money to go to the movies to watch a movie that has been ripped by every critic in the country? You wouldn't and he wouldn't so why is this any different?

I am a huge football fan and if my job didn't conflict I would own season tickets and I would have attended each of the Rams games this season. That doesn't make me better or worse then any other fan in the building but because I spent the money that would be my choice. How can you possibly blame a fan who puts his hard earned money up on the team looking for a winner and then we he/she realizes that the team is a losing football club trying to recoup value from his tickets? Steven can control what happens on the field unlike any fan in the stands. He has given his full effort this season and I don't blame him for the awful season but the people he should be upset with are the people in the front office making bad decisions in the personnel area and the people in the locker room who aren't living up to their end of the bargain by playing poorly. Once those houses are in order then he can worry about who is in the Dome.

Until then Steven you are WAY out of line.

Tim Klutsarits

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