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Going Bowling.....

We are down to just a few days until the biggest bowl games two schools have seen in a long time. Mizzou has the Cotton Bowl and Illinois has the Rose Bowl. KMOV will have complete coverage of both of these games over the upcoming days with a Bowl Special on Monday night at 7pm. Cotton and Roses: Seasons of Success will take a look back at both the Tigers and Illini's seasons and preview the matchups against Arkansas and USC.

One of the most difficult things for me to do every year is to figure out who will win bowl games. There is a tremendous amount of time off, teams lose players due to various reasons between their final game and the bowl game and you never know the attitude of a team heading into their respective bowl game. For example does Missouri consider the Cotton Bowl a slight because they didn't get a BCS game or does it make them more upset and angry and thus making them want to put on a good show against Arkansas? You just never really know what a college football team will do.

In Missouri's case I think because they haven't been to a New Years game in a long time this will be treated as a big deal within the program and they will be ready to go. I really think Missouri will dominate this game and put Arkansas away early in the second half. I'll take Missouri to win 41-21.

As far as the Rose Bowl goes I think both USC and Illinois are very excited to be in the Rose Bowl and although the Trojans had higher hopes when the season began with how things worked out the Rose Bowl is a great reward for salvaging a season that could have very easily wound up 7-5 for them instead of 10-2. Illinois after winning just two games last year would have been happy in any bowl at the start of the year and the Rose Bowl was a dream. Well the dream I think might become a nightmare. I really hope Illinois puts up a good game against the Trojans but I believe the Big 10 will look bad in a lot of bowl games this year. Unfortunatly this one will be one of them. USC 47 Illinois 10.

Tim Klutsarits

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