Four Thoughts.... -

Four Thoughts....

Four Quick Thoughts on this week......

1. For the first time in my 31+ years on this planet I woke up on New Year's Morning and said....I'll turn on the Missouri Football game. It was awesome to do that and I was very excited to watch them kill the Razorbacks. Although it wasn't the game everyone wanted Mizzou to play in they made the best out of a bad situation by destroying a middle of the road SEC team in Arkansas. I know Missouri isn't the number one team in the country but I know regardless of what the final poll says they are one of the top five and will have a legitimate opportunity next year to win the National Championship.

2. Although the game was ugly it was great to see Illinois run out onto the field for the Rose Bowl. I am not a grad or even a big fan but it was a great year and a great story to cover. Let's hope we look back on the 2008 Rose Bowl as the beginning of Illinois' run of being a consistent top 15 team in the country year in and year out.

3. I saw enough on New Year's Day to know that I want Chris Long from Virginia with the Rams second pick. I know most people didn't pay attention to the Gator Bowl but we sat back in the sports office and were sucked into the game because of how awesome Long was. The Rams need help on both offensive and defensive lines and if you can line up Carriker, Little and Long along with the other DT's the Rams already have you have the makings of a great defense.

4. Finally the state of college basketball is the worst I have seen in my lifetime. The Missouri Tigers aren't all that interesting. Illinois has fallen off a long way from 3 years ago when they were in the Final Four. King Majerus over at SLU has decided to make the Billikens unlikeable and taken a 20 win team and made them about a 15-16 win team. In addition the one program that was a bright spot last year, Southern Illinois, has turned into a bottom-tier Missouri Valley team and can't score. There will be no area team in the NCAA Tournament this season and that makes for a long cold winter in sports.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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