No Deal..... -

No Deal.....

I listened to the entire Roger Clemens press conference today and although I am fairly certain that we will never get the entire truth I am not unchanged in my belief that Roger Clemens is guilty of something. What that is I don't know but if Clemens' lawyers and him thought that 17 minutes taped phone call was going to clear his name they are all sadly mistaken.

The entire conversation can be heard here on but here is my impression of the phone call. It was comparable to two people not wanting to be the first to tell the other that they love them. They both walked right up to the line and wouldn't cross it. McNamee kept asking what Clemens wanted him to do and Clemens kept waiting for McNamee to admit he lied. Neither one blinked.

It sounded to me like McNamee wanted Clemens to ask him to lie so McNamee can secure his family. Call it a bribe or call it the Greg Anderson deal (Barry Bonds trainer who went to jail for Bonds). Clemens wanted him to admit it was a lie so he could have the tape and prove to the world he didn't do anything. That didn't happen.

We'll most likely never really know what happened but the part that gets me the most upset is that Clemens is indignent about the whole thing. His trainer was the one who outed him. His lawyers and his union's lawyers didn't want him talking to the Mitchell Report people and most importantly his fratenrity (the baseball players) have constantly denied the entire issue and even with overwhelming evidence that it all took place they still fight it tooth and nail.

Clemens wants his name cleared but he has handled this horribly the entire way. First with not speaking to Mitchell. Second not coming out from behind his laywers till weeks later. Third coming out with a youtube video denying use. I know if I was accused I would stand there and answer questions forever to proclaim my innocence. Even today he walked off the stage before every question was answered.

If your asking me if Clemens has cleared his name beyond a doubt I say No Deal. We'll see the traveling road show in D.C. next week.

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