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Time To Move On.....

The trade of Scott Rolen to Toronto will happen barring any problems with either player's physical on Monday. From my perspective it was time to send Scott Rolen out of St. Louis. There is no question in my mind that Rolen was the best third baseman to ever put on the Cardinals uniform in my lifetime and maybe ever. That being said Scott put the Cardinals in a bad spot by continuing the feud with him and Tony. Although Tony has not been a saint through this whole thing he has been fair with Scott by putting him in the lineup everyday even when it was clear that he wasn't healthy enough to play.

With Troy Glaus the Cardinals receive a very comparable replacement to Rolen today. Glaus doesn't hit for as good of an average nor does he have as good of a glove but at this point Glaus has more power than Rolen. This also provides protection for Albert Pujols because as it stood you had a weak hitting Rolen batting cleanup and that was not sufficient protection for Pujols.

At the end of the day I think this was a fair deal for both teams. The Jays are banking on the return of health to Rolen and it provides them with a better glove. For the Cardinals it provides a better bat behind Pujols. More importantly for the Cardinals it got their headache sent away and was a clean break financially. They didn't have to swallow any money in the deal and that was huge.

Good luck to Rolen in Toronto and congratulations to the Cardinals for making the best deal they possibly could.

Tim Klutsarits

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