Don't Believe Just Yet..... -

Don't Believe Just Yet.....

As of this moment the Blues are one point out (will be two points by the morning) of the final playoff position in the Western Conference. After beating the Blackhawks in a stirring and decisive manner most people will jump on board the Blues making the playoffs bandwagon. My belief is, unfortunatly, that the Blues will still fall short of the playoffs by a 5+ point margin.

Let's look at the facts. There are still 25 games left in the season and only 8 are at the Scottrade Center. The Blues are tied for last in the entire NHL in road wins this season. That stat does not bode well. On top of having all of those games on the road there is a 9 game stretch where they will play in all 4 time zones in North America. That also does not bode well.

The reason for the Blues upswing in play has been the spectacular play of Manny Legace. Before this season even began everyone talked about how Manny has to start about 50-60 games so he doesn't wear down. As we sit here tonight he has now played 47 and let's be honest for the Blues to even consider making the playoffs Legace is going to have to play every game the rest of the way and that includes back-to-back nights. In case you were wondering the Blues also have 6 back-to-back games (12 games total) in the remainder of their schedule.

If I was running the Blues I would most definitely not be risking my future on the 2008 playoffs. If there is a deal to be had with Jackman, Mayers or Salvador and you are certain that you aren't bringing them back next season I would pull the trigger by next week's trade deadline.

I hope I am proved wrong but if we are really being objective and honest the Blues are not a playoff team this season.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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