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Enough Is Enough With Spiezio.....

As of this writing at 4:32 pm on Wednesday Scott Spiezio has a warrant out for his rest in California. It is time for the Cardinals to cut him NOW. No more thinking about it.

The Cardinals have stuck with him long enough. They got him help last year when he had his "lapse" and they stuck through it with him but clearly he doesn't want to help himself. We probably should have seen something like this coming when he didn't show for the Winter Warm-Up on time in January.

From what I understand about addiction you don't really "get over it" until you hit rock bottom. Clearly Spiezio hasn't learned anything from last year and he won't or isn't going to get it. The Cardinals can no longer have an employee who doesn't want to help himself. He is a detriment to himself, the team and the entire franchise and he has got to go immediately.

I hope the Cardinals don't get wishy-washy with this. Scott in my dealings with him is a very nice guy but he has a problem. A problem which he still is not ready to address. I hope the Cardinals give him the wake-up call he needs. Unfortunatly even if they release him this probably won't be enough to stop Spiezio's problems.

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