My Isaac Bruce Story..... -

My Isaac Bruce Story.....

Isaac Bruce has been my favorite Rams player. The reason I say that is not because he has been the most accomodating athlete to the media. It hasn't been because he was the best player on the team every year, although some years he was. It is because of what he represents to me. He really is THE St. Louis Ram. He was here on day one when the Rams moved to St. Louis and played at a very high level for the next 14 seasons. He helped transform this city into Rams fans and that should never be forgotten. It is going to kill me to see him in a 49ers uniform come next season but I understand that things change in life and unfortunatly this is the end of Isaac as a Rams player. Life moves on.

That all being said I would like to share my Isaac Bruce story. On the night of Super Bowl XXXIV I was in Atlanta covering the game for KMOV. The Titans had just scored to make the score 16-16. There was just a little over 2 minutes remaining and I had to get down from the upper deck of the Georgia Dome (where my seat was) to the field level to get ready for our coverage of the Super Bowl. I figured it was a good time to get down there because the game was probably going to be decided after the two minute warning and there was really only time for a kickoff and one play and I didn't want to miss how this was going to end.

So I started my trek to the floor of the Georgia Dome. About halfway down I hear a roar and hear over the media P.A. system Touchdown Rams....Isaac Bruce. By the time I finally got down there the Titans had gotten the ball back and were starting to drive. As you all know the Rams would eventually win and the game would be saved by Mike Jones. The thing was I never saw the touchdown. Not even by TV replay. The most important touchdown in St. Louis football history and I have missed it. I couldn't believe it.

So the Rams win the game and now we are live on the air for the next 2 hours with me running around the Georgia Dome securing guests and getting interviews and getting all of this great stuff back to St. Louis. We all finally got back to our hotel in Atlanta at about 2 am and after an exhausting week and having to be on a flight back to St. Louis at 7 am and get ready to help produce a parade tomorrow I call it a night. It truly was my most favorite week of work at KMOV.

As I got up the next morning I turned on Sportscenter to finally watch the highlights. I finally get to see Kurt Warner's pass to Isaac Bruce. As I am watching the highlight I am excited to finally be able to see the play and see that St. Louis has a Super Bowl Champion. As I am watching Isaac run into the endzone I get even more excited. I see him run right towards my cameraman (Jon Davis) with his arms straight up in the air in that famous pose. I was so excited to see that play finally and then it hits me that the tape is sitting right on the dresser of the hotel room and it will be something that will be used forever at KMOV.

The life of a producer. Not seeing the most exciting touchdown in Rams history and I am in my hotel room just as excited that my photographer got the perfect shot. The first thing I did after returning to St. Louis was pop that tape in the machine and it still brings me back to that night. To this day that tape now 8 years old sits in the top drawer of my desk. That night I will never forget and that is my Isaac Bruce story.

Tim Klutsarits

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