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Quick NCAA Thoughts....

There are thousands of breakdowns on the NCAA brackets so I'll put in my two cents by region....


On the surface this seems like the road is pretty easy for North Carolina. #2 Tennessee is very good but they will be lucky to get through Butler and Louisville to even get to face UNC. The only team on the UNC side of the bracket who could knock out the Tar Heels is Washington State.



The Midwest bracket is the most difficult to me. Kansas has been great all year but we know about Bill Self and somehow someway the Jayhawks will choke it down in the tournament. My early guess is Vanderbilt or Clemson will knock them out in the Sweet Sixteen. In the bottom half of the bracket the most exciting game of the first round has USC and Kansas State playing each other. More exactly it is O.J. Mayo and Michael Beasley playing against each other. Either one of those teams have a great chance to beat Wisconsin in the next game. My pick to come out of this bracket is Georgetown. The Hoyas with Roy Hibbert are very dangerous and are my pick to get out of the Midwest.



I watch Memphis and see a terrific team but now 34 games later I still don't know how great they are. They are certainly a top 10 team in the country but I still don't believe. That being said I think they are a lock to make the Elite Eight. In the bottom half of the draw Texas and Stanford are to me far and away the best. If Texas was playing Stanford on a neutral court I would say Stanford but because of the game being played in Houston give me Texas to come out of the South.



I am a big fan of UCLA. When filling out your brackets this year be smart and pick a lot of Pac-10 teams. Nobody East of the Rockies will tell you this but the Pac-10 is the best conference in the country hands down. If the rest of the country saw as many Pac-10 games as they saw ACC or Big East games they would realize that. In the bottom half of the bracket Duke seems to be the most logical choice. Traditionally the West bracket is usually the one that does not stay true to form so look for upsets here.


We'll see how correct I am as the week goes on.

Tim Klutsarits

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