The Blues Obituary -

The Blues Obituary

By the end of tonight the Blues will be eliminated formally from playoff contention. I think to label this season anything but a disappointment would be wrong. If the team had missed the playoffs in the final week of the season that would be one thing. The reality of the situation is they are no better now then they were at the end of last season.

The biggest thing that bothers me about what has happened this year is that for the most part the team was healthy and they weren't any better. I shudder to think where the Blues would be without Manny Legace being terrific for the most part this year.

Where do the Blues go from here? I don't know, but they have to address two things above all. First they MUST find more goal scorers. This season has proven that Keith Tkachuk and Paul Kariya are no longer top line scorers. Second they must address their awful power play. Blues fans have been blessed for a decade plus of Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis manning the points. This team not only doesn't have a point man but they don't have a finisher. They need to address this in the offseason.

Patience is at an end beginning right now in Blues nation. Hopefully Dave Checketts and John Davidson understand that we are now 4 years removed from playoff hockey in St. Louis and fans are tired or worse apathetic to what is going on at Scottrade Center.

Not to sound to apocalyptic but I don't know that hockey will survive in St. Louis with too many more seasons of not having a quality hockey team on the ice. Lets hope that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the train coming down the tracks.

Tim Klutsarits

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