Final Four -

Final Four

Well I was halfway right on the Final Four. I had North Carolina and UCLA in and did not choose Memphis and Kansas (thanks Texas and Georgetown). It isn't a great surprise that the Tigers and Jayhawks made it to San Antonio but what is surprising is that all 4 number one seeds made it this far. That is shocking to me.

Looking at the semifinals it really is a tossup to who will win the title. All four teams bring different elements of a championship team to the table and all have some achilles heals. In the first semifinal Memphis and UCLA hook up. Memphis is favored by a little to win and I am a little surprised by that. I think this is a case of the last 4 games outweighing the entire season. UCLA was the best team in the best conference and I think they will pull this one out in a highly entertaining game.

In game 2 this is the Roy Williams battle with North Carolina taking on Kansas. I have kept waiting for the Bill Self meltdown and I thought it was going to happen against Davidson and it was close to happening. This is the one I have the more confidence in. UNC will win this one comfortably.

That sets up the final of North Carolina and UCLA. Arguably the two most storied programs in NCAA history. This just seems to me like it is the Tar Heels year. Tyler Hansbrough has been the best player all season long and Monday night should be his coronation. Give me UNC as the champion with a 78-75 win over UCLA.

Tim Klutsarits

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