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Will the Rams move down?

I love the week before the draft. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is lying about who they are targeting regarding their team. That being said it seems that the picture is becoming clearer on what is going to happen with the number one pick. It appears that the Dolphins are going to be taking Jake Long (OT Michigan) with that first pick. So now the Rams appear to about to be on the clock.

The intrigue now becomes who the Rams pick is going to be? The hottest rumor out there right now is that the Falcons want to move up. They are not in need of a defensive end because they have two very good starters in John Abraham and Jamaal Anderson that they are happy with. They also are not in need of a running back because they just spent money on Michael Turner. That theoretically takes out Chris Long and Darren McFadden. As well Falcons owner has personally met with Glenn Dorsey twice according to reports. The Falcons apparantly want Dorsey and might be willing to trade one of their number two picks to move up one spot and get Dorsey.

I think if the Falcons are willing to do that then the Rams should take the trade. I think Dorsey is a risk and the dropoff to Chris Long is not far if there is any dropoff. If you can pick up the pick and get Jake Long at 3 then I say go ahead and do it.

There is another rumored suitor out there for the number 2 pick and that is the Saints. They are also in love Dorsey and apparntly would be willing to make a deal to move up. The Saints currently own the #10 pick. If I were GM for the Rams I would be much more hesitant to make this deal but it is proof that there are people angling for that #2 pick.

What is also interesting is that the Raiders have fallen in love with Darren McFadden and want him at the #4 slot. There are other teams desperate to get him as well so it is conceivable the Rams could trade down from 2 and then trade down again from the 3rd pick.

It is still a long way to Saturday but there is a lot swirling around the NFL right now and the Rams are right in the middle of it. We'll see what happens and update as the week goes on.

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