Reason To Pause on Dorsey -

Reason To Pause on Dorsey

All signs are currently pointing towards the Rams taking Glenn Dorsey with the second pick overall. Outside of the obvious injury questions let me add another problem with taking a defensive tackle in the top 5.

Over the past 20 years of the NFL Draft there have been 7 defensive tackles that have been selected in the top 5 picks. Only one, Cortez Kennedy SEA-1990, had what you would consider a pro-bowl year in and year out career.

Four others were what I would categorize as serviciable players but not star quality. Those include Russell Maryland 1991-Dallas, Sean Gilbert 1992-Rams, Dan Wilkinson 1994-Cincinnati and Gerard Warren 2001-Cleveland.

The other two have been huge busts. Those were Steve Emtman 1992-Indianapolis and Dwayne Robertson 2003-NY Jets.

So of the 7 picks only one has been worth what you would consider worth a top 5 pick. That is hitting big on only 14% of those picks. The fact that there have only been 7 DT's picked in 20 years this high and none in the past 5 years should give reason for pause.

The history tells you that either Glenn Dorsey is a very special player and the Rams will be very lucky to get him or the draft is not top heavy in talent and a pretty good DT has risen into that top 5 status.

Just something to think about as draft day approaches.

Tim Klutsarits

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