The Day After.... -

The Day After....

I always laugh that the instant the NFL draft ends there are already grades out on how teams fared. Even the Mel Kiper's of the world can't honestly assess what just happened in that quick of a timeframe. The reality is you really don't begin to know what you got till they put on the pads in the summer. Beyond that to really grade a draft you need a good 3 years to be fair and honest. That being said I was still curious to see what was said around the league so I have compiled a few samples so you can see what the thoughts are out there from those supposedly in the know.....



Long will be a great complement up front to last year's top pick by the Rams, Adam Carriker. They will be two of the highest motor defensive linemen in the league. Avery and Burton inject fast legs into an aging receiving corps.



Much internal debate but they went with Chris Long, seeking some pressure from the edge, over DT Glenn Dorsey. Only got 5½ sacks from DEs last year and Leonard Little will soon be 34. Looks like not only a safe pick but a good one. WR Donnie Avery went too high but the Rams love the speed and have the positional need. CB Justin King should be the nickel back right away. They failed to address their o-line issues.



Taking DE Chris Long allows Adam Carriker to stay inside at defensive tackle. Some didn't think Donnie Avery should have been the first WR to come off the board. It might have been a bit of a reach, but he caught 91 balls and has the ability to make people miss. John Greco is a versatile offensive lineman. CB Justin King has a lot of potential, but he gets beat in coverage far too much. Wide receiver Keenan Burton would have gone higher than the fourth round if he hadn't been slowed by knee and ankle injuries in his senior season. Roy Schuening has a chance to start this year at guard. Chris Chamberlain had a very nice season at Tulsa. And don't forget about OLB David Vobora, aka Mr. Irrelevant, who I thought was a midround pick. Vobora has some ability and I would be surprised if he didn't make this team as a special teams player.


St. Louis Rams

Best pick: Defensive end Chris Long, the second player taken in the draft, will be a star. He was my top-rated player in the draft.

Questionable move: Passing on Dorsey to take Long. Their careers are now tied together for as long as they play.

Second-day gem: Cornerback Justin King is an athletic corner who didn't always play up to his ability. Maybe defensive coordinator Jim Haslett can get it out of him.

Overall grade: B. I love Long and second-round receiver Donnie Avery is a perfect slot receiver for their offense.

So that is what the "experts" have to say. What do you think? Lets us know here at

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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