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Going Bowling

I know it is April 30th but two stories crossed the wire today that got me fired up about college football. These two stories are everything that is wrong with the sport. The first story had to do with the BCS which has decided that not only will the system not make a 4 team playoff but it will remain exactly the same through 2014. Why don't the powers that be understand that a playoff is what the sport needs. They will make a TON of money and it will captivate the country much like the basketball tournament does. On top of that it makes sense AND they are already doing it in the lower levels. For the final time NCAA get a playoff system.

On top of that kick in the teeth the NCAA approved two more bowl games. As if there weren't enough meaningless bowl games out there we now have the St. Petersburg Bowl and something called the Congressional Bowl which will be played this December in Washington D.C.. Why did we need this?

I guess the NCAA did do us one favor. They shot down the idea of the Rocky Mountain Bowl in Salt Lake City. Honest.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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