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Another day and another allegation involving Roger Clemens and the "other woman." As it turns it out, surprise surprise, there are numerous "other women" out there in Clemens life. We have stayed away from this ongoing story on the TV side of things but all of this just makes you shake your head.

It is not the fact that Clemens was using performance enhancing drugs. Most everyone in the inner circles of sports have suspected superstars and not so super stars of using for as long as I have been in the business (12 years). It is not the fact that star athletes have something on the side. Trust me when I say that is no surprise.

The thing that makes me shake my head is that Clemens could have stopped this whole thing months ago if he had either first just admitted to using or second just dropped out of sight after the Congressional circus.

He could have lied about why he did it when this whole thing started. Long before the Mitchell Report or the trip to Congress. Within a couple years the incident would have been if not forgotten about it definitely would have the damage minimized.

But even after the freak show that was the appearance in Congress and even after throwing his wife under the bus (by saying his trainer injected his wife in the bedroom with HGH) the first time he could have let sleeping dogs lie and he didn't do it. He just couldn't have the image of The Rocket be sullied. He had to prove he was right and he had to disprove Brian McNamee. So he foolishly goes the defamation route and lo and behold there are skeletons in Roger's closet. I mean c'mon did Roger really think no one would talk? I didn't think a 15 year old aspiring country superstar would be the tip of the iceberg but you had to know there would be something out there.

Surely his lawyers told him this wasn't a good idea and that all the dirt was going to come out. But even that warning didn't stop Roger. So now he is outed for having been with multiple women outside of his marriage and the embarrassment seems to grow on a daily basis. I just wonder how he looks his wife in the face at this point or for that matter his kids.

I don't know how this is going to end but I am certain at this point that Roger won't be getting out of all this by saying everyone is misremembering everything.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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