Cards/Brewers Postgame Sunday and how Albert cost the Cards -

Cards/Brewers Postgame Sunday and how Albert cost the Cards

A tough loss for the Cardinals on Sunday in a game that could have been won. It is not very often you say this but Albert Pujols really cost the Cardinals big today. You don't usually say that about someone who is the leading candidate to win the MVP but his baserunning was horrendous today to say the least.

His first offense was being picked off by Jeff Suppan in the first inning. There is no reason that Albert should have been trying to steal with 2 outs in the first inning with a bad leg.

The second costly move was in the 3rd inning with Albert standing on first and Adam Kennedy on third. Chris Duncan hits and RBI single to right and Pujols wildly ran into an out at 3rd base. The throw from right was never going to get Kennedy at the plate. Why kill an inning that could have been big?

The final bad running mistake was in the 6th when Troy Glaus lined out to 3rd and Albert was doubled off at second.

One mistake might be overlooked but there are three big changes in momentum in the game that were cost by the poor baserunning of Albert Pujols. Now I don't believe that his running is as poor as many. But today will certainly lend ammo to those who say Albert is a poor base runner.

Tomorrow the Cardinals try to salvage a split against the Brewers. It is Adam Wainwright vs. Dave Bush for the Brewers.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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