The End of Spygate? -

The End of Spygate?

On Tuesday Matt Walsh the former Patriots video coordinator will finally have his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL has gotten the tapes and has reviewed them. From what has been released the tapes aren't too damning of the Patriots. Barring anything unforseen in the meeting tomorrow or the subsequent meeting with Arlen Specter in D.C. the incident will probably be put to an end.

There is something though that keeps gnawing at me in this whole episode. It just seems a little too convenient that Matt Walsh doesn't have the supposed tape of the Rams walkthrough at Super Bowl 36. Walsh's people claim he never said to have the tape. The Boston Herald hasn't backed off their story which leads me to one of two conclusions.

One the Patriots did it but Walsh doesn't have the tape. That seems very reasonable to me. All NFL teams tape thousands of hours of practices and games in a year Walsh can't possibly have kept everything from his time with the Patriots.

My other theory is that the NFL and Walsh have cut some sort of a deal so the league can put this behind them. The NFL desperately wants to get this whole scandal out of the media and Goodell is very tight with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and there has been some protection going on from the league. All you have to do is ask why the NFL would destroy the tapes from the incident in New York in Week One so no one including congress could see them. That is a coverup.

Even after Tuesday we will never really know the truth. Is it my paranoia that things aren't quite what they seem here? Possibly. But the truth is out there.

Unfortunately the NFL's interest in the truth is not the same as Rams fans who suffered through that ugly night in New Orleans 6 years ago.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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