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Time to DL Izzy

After watching Jason Isringhausen blow Thursday's game it is now crystal clear what the Cardinals have to do. They are no longer afforded the luxury of keeping Isringhausen on the roster and nursing him along through his problems. The Cardinals need to DL him before tomorrow's game against the Rays and bring up someone who can help the team win now.

There are two main reasons. First it is clear Isringhausen is not right physically and mentally right now. He needs to get right in both areas. Second the Cardinals are not good enough to be giving games away. If they are going to make the playoffs they are probably only going to make it as a 90 win team so surrendering 6 games already to blown saves by Isringhausen is not going to cut it.

I have been on board with how the Cardinals have treated the Isringhausen situation up until today. The Cards can't keep this up with Izzy. They must put Izzy on the DL immediately.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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