Saving a Weekend -

Saving a Weekend

The Tampa Bay Rays by all rights should have swept the Cardinals this weekend. But somehow, someway the Cardinals continue to win games. Sunday's game is a perfect example of why what the Cardinals are doing makes no sense. How does a team leave 16 runners on base and win a game? It doesn't happen often and yet the Cardinals did it.

How does a team blow a 4 run lead twice in a game and still win? It doesn't happen often and yet it happened for the Cardinals on Saturday. I still don't know what the Cardinals have at this point but somehow someway the Cardinals still are staying close with the Cubs and are very much in the running to have a winning season and possibly be a playoff team.

Also I think the Cardinals have something special in Chris Perez. I would still be inclined to go with Isringhausen if he gets his act together for the second half of the season but it sure looks to me like Perez is the closer of the future and possibly the closer of the present.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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