The Real Problem With Rams -

The Real Problem With Rams

The panic has definitely set in around town on the possibility of the Rams being sold and moving back to Los Angeles. Since the Rams moved to town that has always been a concern deep in the back of my head that they would somehow move back to LA. That being said we are still about 900 steps away from that happening so everyone just needs to settle down on that.

What is of real concern though for the long term future of football in St. Louis is the Edward Jones Dome. The story was well chronicled this weekend in the St. Louis Business Journal but the summary is essentially this. In the year 2015 the Rams and the CVC have a clause in the lease that the Dome must be in the top quarter of all facilities in the NFL. If it isn't then it must be upgraded to make it so. If that can't be accomplished then the Rams are on a year to year lease for the next 10 years meaning they can opt out at anytime.

The reality is this. The Dome is nowhere near the top half of buildings in the league today much less 7 years from now when there will be more new buildings on line by 2015. There is not going to be an "upgrade" package on the Dome that will fix the problems with that building.

As a life-long St. Louisian the part of the story that concerned me the most was the quotes from St. Louis County Excutive Charlie Dooley's right hand man Mike Jones essentially saying that there will be no money for upgrades and the Rams should expect absolutely nothing from the city/county and state governments.

I understand that there are a number of things on the plate for government and money is tight everywhere. That being said the Rams are an asset to this town and there should at least be an attempt to try to work things out instead of being standoffish. If we have forward thinking leaders, which I am 50/50 on that we do, they would approach the Rams first and say lets try to build something together that can work out for everyone. If that means giving them the land and the infrastructure and they build the building I think that could make an equitable deal. Obviously things are not that simple when you are talking about a billion dollar project but being standoffish is not the way to start.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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