The Night In Sports 5/21 -

The Night In Sports 5/21

I don't know which was more amazing to me tonight. Albert Pujols single handedly knocking out both the pitcher and catcher in a matter of one inning or the Spurs blowing a 20 point lead in the playoffs.

You have to hope that Chris Young is alright. He has already been diagnosed with a broken nose and you would have to think he is headed for the DL for awhile. Young is a big target at 6-10 so you hope that he gets healthy and isn't gunshy when he comes off the DL. You saw as soon as it happened how concerned Albert Pujols was. I said to Steve Savard after the play that Young is lucky they don't play with aluminum bats or he would be dead. I would like to say that is an exaggeration but it is the truth.

The Cardinals appear to be winning another series as of this writing. I keep waiting for the wheels to fall off horribly but maybe they are good enough to last till the end? We shall see.

How do the Spurs blow a 20 point lead? That just doesn't happen. I have been in the Spurs camp saying that until they have officially been put away they are the favorite to win this thing. That being said this was a horrible loss and especially in a Game One situation. You have to wonder what long term effects this has on the rest of the series. One other NBA thought. Tonight is why Kobe Bryant was MVP.

Finally I don't know how many people are into it in St. Louis but this afternoon's UEFA Champions League Final was thrilling soccer. I know a lot of people think soccer is boring but that was 120 minutes of up and down action with a few goals and lots of close calls. Manchester United won in penalty kicks but they should by all rights lost that game. What Ronaldo was doing with his penalty kick is still a mystery to me. I wonder how many people reading this even know what I am talking about?

One other soccer geek thing. The Euro Championships are this summer and I am thrilled that the games are going to be on ESPN. It isn't quite the World Cup but to me it is a very close second in the soccer world. Maybe we'll talk more soccer on here this summer if there is interest.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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