Instant Replay in Baseball -

Instant Replay in Baseball

There is a report out tonight that Major League Baseball is considering using instant replay on a testing basis this October in the Arizona Fall League. This comes after a horrible week for umpiring in which there was a home run taken off the board for Carlos Delgado on the primetime game Sunday night at Yankees Stadium. Then on Tuesday Geovani Soto for the Cubs had one taken away from him on Tuesday at Minute Maid Park. Followed up with A-Rod losing one last night at Yankees Stadium.

It is really ridiculous that in an era where you can take video from your phone that you later put in your pocket the idea of instant replay is still resisted. That being said I do agree that its use should be limited. It should not be used on balls and strikes. The game would take 10 hours if they did that. But it should be used on fair/foul balls and home run or non home run calls. If there are some who want it limited I would suggest the NFL system of having so many challenges per game. I think that would be the fairest way to do it.

All of the above situations this week would have been called fairly and the game would have continued. Thankfully for Major League Baseball this is May and not October where MLB would have taken a pounding by the national media.

You have to go no further then the one-game playoff last year between the Padres and Rockies on the play at the plate at the end of the game. The video clearly showed the Rockies baserunner never touched home plate. That is the difference of making the playoffs or not and the future of two franchises changes forever. How would that have changed everything if the correct call was made? And don't even get me going on what might have happened if instant replay would have been around on an October night in Kansas City in 1985.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports.

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