Baseball, Indy 500 and Memorial Day -

Baseball, Indy 500 and Memorial Day

How is it possible that the St. Louis Cardinals aren't playing on Memorial Day? Most of the country is off today and I am sure a majority of St. Louisians would like to be enjoying a BBQ and a ballgame today. First it makes business sense to have every major league team playing somewhere today. Everyone is off and it is a time to showcase your product. Second in a game that wraps itself in the flag at every opportunity they can why would you not want to, at a minimum, do something to honor the armed forces and their veterans? Bud Selig and the powers that be are stupid on this one. Very stupid.

One of my favorite events of the holiday weekend is the Indianapolis 500. Yesterday's race won't go down as one of the most memorable 500's of alltime. Outside of Danica Patrick walking down pit road looking for a fight you can't imagine anyone outside of New Zealand will remember what happened yesterday. But congratulaions to Scott Dixon on the win anyway.

I have to tell you of all the events I have been lucky enough to see live there is nothing quite like going to Indy. To see the amount of people and to "feel" 33 cars come around the first turn at 200+ miles per hour is something you just can't put into words. My favorite part of a trip to Indy though is the pre-race pagentry. If you don't have a lump in your throat as they honor the veterans and those who have fallen with the playing of Taps and the flyover by the Air Force then either you don't have have a heart or a sense of what sacrifices have been made by many men and women for this country.

My final thought on this Memorial Day is I think of my two grandfathers every year at this time. One (Byron Presnell) was in the Marines and the other (John Klutsarits) in the Army during World War II. Both had experiences in which I can never truly imagine. John was actually a prisoner of war for a short time in Europe and Byron fought on Iwo Jima. They both did things that I am sure never left them to their dying days. Only once was I even privileged enough to hear from their mouths what happened over there. Theirs was an amazing generation that I don't think anyone of my age bracket can ever truly comprehend what they did. It is too trite to say Thank You. So I will just say this. It is at least understood by me what sacrifices those of my grandparents generation did for this country and to me that is part of what Memorial Day should mean for everyone.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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