Bargain Basement Pitching -

Bargain Basement Pitching

Todd Wellemeyer won the National League Pitcher of the Month award this afternoon. All he managed to accomplish in May was a 4-0 record with a 2.19 ERA. If those numbers don't impress you then maybe this number will. The Cardinals are paying Wellemeyer "only" 1 Million dollars for this season. That is an incredible bargain in the current baseball climate. Here are what the current Cardinals starting pitching staff is currently costing the Cardinals this season.....

Wellemeyer-$1 Million


Piniero-$5.5 Million

Looper-$5.5 Million

Lohse-$4.25 Million

For you math majors at your computer that is a total cost of about 17 million dollars for your starting staff. That is incredible when you consider that Johan Santana makes that much by himself. Now granted the Cardinals have a lot of dead money in their pitching staff right now with Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder and Matt Clement but for the team to be this effective with all of those big names on the DL, it is truly amazing.

Now understand that next year will be a whole different ballgame. Wainwright's number goes up big time in 2009, Lohse will command much more you would have to think next year as well. But also understand that the Mulder money as well as the Isringhausen and Encarnacion money will also be off the books so you would have to think that the Cardinals will be in great shape heading into 2009. John Mozeliak has done a masterful job in shaping this roster for this season.

With that being said not enough can be said on the job that Dave Duncan is doing once again. The Cardinals have one legitimate big time pitcher on their playing roster right now and that is Adam Wainwright. Those other guys have been either journeymen or in Looper's case just a middle of the road reliever. There is a reason that year after year middle of the road pitchers enjoy their greatest successes here in St. Louis. It isn't the good beer or something in the water that makes it happen. It all points to the work that Dave Duncan does.

The Cardinals shouldn't realistically be a playoff contending team but we are now a third of the way into the season and it looks like the Cardinals are here to stay thanks to an overachieving starting pitching staff.

Tim Klutsarits

KMOV Sports

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