The Major League Baseball Draft -

The Major League Baseball Draft

Of the four major sports I believe that by far the Major League Baseball draft is not only the most uninteresting but is also the biggest crapshoot in all the major sports. The reason it is the most uninteresting to me is that for the most part no one knows who any of these players are.

You might catch a college baseball game here and there but even the most diehard fans couldn't really tell you who is who in the baseball draft. When you compare that to football and basketball, where most sports fans have watched a number of games with the prospects playing, it just isn't even close.

On top of not knowing who anyone is this isn't even close to the whole talent pool available to the major league teams. The draft only encompasses American players and as we know a good 25% of players in the majors aren't from this country. There is a reason a lot of teams have baseball camps in the Dominican Republic and other points in the Caribbean. All these teams have to look at the best players in the world not just in the United States.

What was amusing to me today was during ESPN's telecast today they were questioning why teams were taking certain players because the major league team was full at a certain position. Are you kidding me? Rosters turn over on a major league club on a yearly basis this is about the future and trust me if the player is good enough because he is cheaper they will move the current player out of the way.

The other main reason I could care less about the baseball draft is that there are absolutely no known quantities in this draft. Just look at the past 10 years of Cardinals first round picks and that will tell you that being drafted early means nothing. I'll even concede the point that the Cardinals haven't been the best at drafting recently. Just look at the Number One picks overall and it is a smattering of good, bad and ugly. The last surefire Hall of Fame player selected first in the draft was Alex Rodriguez in 1993.

Do the names Brian Bullington and Matt Anderson mean anything to you? They were both #1 overall selections and never did anything in the majors. That just tells you that there is nothing to get too fired up about when the Cardinals draft someone like Brett Wallace. The credentials seem good being Pac-10 player of the year twice. But the reality is at best we won't see Wallace anywhere near the major league club till 2011.

Almost all of the players selected today will not be in the majors anytime soon. It gives people something to talk about today but to be up in arms over who anybody picked today is a waste of energy.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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