Cardinals Injury Update and Griffey 600 HR -

Cardinals Injury Update and Griffey 600 HR

Good and bad news from the Cardinals tonight. First the good. Todd Wellemeyer and Joel Piniero will both be rejoining the rotation this week. As well Rick Ankiel has been cleared to play for the Cardinals and will rejoin the team in Cincinnati. Now the bad and this one could be real bad. Adam Wainwright has been put on the 15 day DL with the injured finger. He will rest it and then have it re-evaluated later in the week and they will make a determination then what the best course of action is.

This is where I have big concerns. I don't believe that the Cardinals can contend long term without Wainwright in the rotation. He is the stopper for this staff. Right now without Chris Carpenter he is the ace. My bigger concern is that this is worse than what has been released. I have had this uneasy feeling all day that since there was no news coming from the Cardinals that something is more wrong then they want to let on. It seems to me the Cardinals are more optimistic on their injury reports then what the injury really is. I won't go as far as to say they are putting out bad information but I think that there are times they might be looking at injuries through rose-colored glasses instead of being a little more cautious in what they release to the media and public.

Speaking of Disabled Lists Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th career home run tonight in Florida. He is a sure hall of famer but I think there will always be a question mark on how good he could have been if he had been healthy for his entire career. Griffey has missed almost 600 games due to injuries in his career. That is almost 4 complete seasons he has missed because of injuries. Imagine what his stats would like if he just missed half of those games. He would have the home run record to himself and probably would be considered the greatest player ever. Not that being a hall of famer is bad company to be in but I think he could have been the greatest and instead baseball fans and Griffey were cheated due to injuries.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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