Cautious Optimism -

Cautious Optimism

A lot of good news over at the ballpark tonight. First off Yadier Molina was back at Busch and was in uniform for tonight's game against the Royals. Molina believes that he could play as soon as tomorrow night. The Cardinals remain cautious but believe he will certainly be back by the weekend. They have made the decision to just go with Jason LaRue for the next couple of days and there is no need to call anyone up. That is tremendous news because the Cardinals are very thin at catcher and long term they can't survive without Molina long term. Of course I have said that about 5 other players this season and yet here they are in the Wild Card position.

The more intriguing news for Cardinals fans was that Chris Carpenter was back on track and was throwing today at Busch. Chris says that he is feeling better and the Cardinals believe we will see him this season in the majors. Count me as cautiously optimistic on this one. I still think if the Cardinals get anything out of Carpenter this year it is gravy. It usually takes a full year to get back and he had surgery in August 2007 so figure that it will be very late in the season before we see him.

The other encouraging pitching news at Busch was Mark Mulder is apparantly feeling better with his new arm angle and may be closer to being back then what was previously thought. We have heard things like that before so count me in the I'll believe it when I see it camp.

Another name from the past Matt Clement was at the stadium tonight and his rehab is progressing as well. The scuttlebutt at the ballpark says that he is even further away than Mulder so I would be pretty surprised if the Cardinals get anything out of him for 2008.

It still amazes me how well this team plays after suffering injury after injury. It just goes to show you that the mental makeup of this team might be the strongest of any Cardinals team ever. Position by position the Cardinals don't match up. But the players and their manager believe in themselves and believe they are going to win every night and that is why they are having the success they are this year.

I keep thinking the wheels are going to come off at any point. They just can't keep suffering all of these setbacks and keep winning but yet here they are. I won't say I am a total believer yet, but I will say that as each day goes by I think the Cardinals will somehow find their way into the playoffs.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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