No Tiger Again in St. Louis -

No Tiger Again in St. Louis

When I heard that Tiger Woods was going to undergo season ending surgery today my first thought was there goes another chance to ever see Tiger Woods in St. Louis. With today's news that Tiger is done it means that we will not be seeing him at the BMW Championship at Bellerive CC in early September. This is now the second time that St. Louisians have been deprived the opportunity to see the Tiger circus in town.

The last time Tiger actually stepped foot on St. Louis soil was on September 10, 2001 when he held a clinic the Monday before what was supposed to be the World Golf Championships. Unfortunately the next day changed this country in a lot of ways forever. Obviously golf was off for that week.

So now Tiger is done for St. Louis this fall. The most probable next visit for the PGA Tour is not until 2014 if the BMW Championship stays on rotation that far out. One would like to think that Tiger will still be at the top level in six more years but you never know. It is a shame that people here in St. Louis will maybe never get see him play one of the greatest golf courses in the area.

I would also have to think that ticket sales are in big trouble for the event. The world's best will be here but without the one player who moves the needle. Hopefully St. Louis will still hold a memorable golf event and not just some other random golf tournament during a PGA season.

One other thought on this subject. When the World Golf Event was cancelled here in 2001 there was a promise of returning to St. Louis somewhere down the road. Whatever happened to that pledge? Let's hope we get to see a major event like that back here in St. Louis sometime soon.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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