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Which Team Is It?

Just when you think you have figured out the 2008 Cardinals something happens that makes you feel different. When I left the office on Thursday night I felt the Cardinals were on the verge of having everything fall apart. A trip to Boston where no road team has any success this season was not what they needed. Then somehow someway Lohse, Boggs and Piniero pitch wonderfully, they win the series, and come within a whisker of sweeping the Red Sox.

So again I wonder where in the world is this team headed? I have watched enough of the Cubs this season to know that barring injuries they will make the playoffs. Assuming Carlos Zambrano isn't going to be shevled too much longer it appears to be their year to win the Central.

That being said what really encourages me about the Cardinals chances of playing in October is who they have to beat to get into the Wild Card. They currently are two games ahead of the Brewers who have consistently shown they can't beat the Cardinals when the chips are down. The Marlins are 3 games back and as many questions as we have about the Cardinals we are pretty sure that the Marlins aren't the threat. The one team sitting back there 5 1/2 games back is the one that scares me. The Mets finally have got the Willie Randolph soap opera over and it seems like they might be the team to watch out for in the Wild Card Race.

We are now officially into summer and like a great movie or a great novel we just don't know how this story is going to end. Is this team good enough and tough enough to play their way into the playoffs? Or will this team fade away in the hot St. Louis summer sun? I still don't have a clue. I think this week presents a new challenge. Detroit is playing much better and the Royals showed what they can do against the Cardinals. Another week and more questions.

Stay tuned......

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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