Done With Mulder -

Done With Mulder

I actually laughed when I saw the e-mail at my computer when I came back from the 6 pm newscast from the Cardinals PR Department. It said Mark Mulder was scratched from tonight's start in Nashville due to back stiffness. I didn't laugh because I wish any malice towards Mark Mulder. He seems like a pretty stand up guy. It is certainly not because I don't want the Cardinals to do well. What made me laugh was that the Cardinals really believed that they could count on Mulder to start on Saturday. Then as if there was lightning bolt from the baseball gods they said no way.

I believe the Cardinals finally have run out of patience and said we are going to find out this week whether or not he could still pitch in the majors. I think they got their answer. The Cardinals tried this same tactic in 2006 and it didn't work out. They tried it in 2007 and it didn't work out. Now in 2008 after spending millions of dollars on Mulder it looks like again it isn't going to work out.

This is nothing against Mark Mulder but it is just never going to work out. He is not going to be right physically and to expect him to be ok is just wishful thinking. This is where heart and mind get seperated in sports. Management and fans all remember how good he was from 2001-2005 in Oakland and St. Louis. The hearts of management want him to be that pitcher again. The hearts of management don't want to think they have wasted another 7 million dollars on him this season. Hopefully their heads will start leading them.

Mark Mulder will never be anything more than a shadow of himself and they can not afford to count on Mulder ever pitching again. It is time for the Cardinals to come to reality and realize that we are at the end of the Mark Mulder era.

I don't believe he will ever pitch in another major league baseball game. The Cardinals better realize that even if he does it shouldn't be in the Redbirds uniform. He is done.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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