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I Miss the NBA Draft.....

I am watching the NBA Draft tonight in the office and am bored to tears. I used to really enjoy the draft and in many ways it was just as interesting as the NFL Draft. There were three main reasons it was better than the NFL Draft in the old days. First it moved much quicker then the NFL Draft, second I think a lot of people had investment in the college players who were being drafted and really knew the players in and out. Third there were always wild deals leading up to the draft. It seemed like there was always at least 2-3 mega-deals the night of the draft.

As well in earlier drafts when a Missouri/Illinois or the occasional SLU player was about to be picked we had all watched 3-4 years of them playing and had some emotional attachment to the players. Tonight there were 9 freshmen selected in the first round. This is better than having 8 high school players selected but for the most part we have had very limited exposure to the players being selected tonight.

You have to be a real hoops junkie to even understand who your favorite team has picked. Between not knowing these freshman, there are players being picked from Italy, France and even the Congo. How in the world as a fan can you even pass judgement on anyone who played in the Congo?

My final complaint about the NBA Draft is no one but TNT should be doing the draft. ESPN has completely butchered the broadcast tonight. When you have Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley breaking it down even when you hit a slow spot in the draft you are still interested. Shame on ESPN for putting an over-matched Stuart Scott and ill-equipped Stephen A. Smith in two main spots for their draft coverage. Put the draft back on TNT for 2009 and never put it back on ESPN.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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