Surviving The Road Trip and Looking Ahead -

Surviving The Road Trip and Looking Ahead

The Cardinals wrapped up a successful road trip on Sunday finishing with a 5-4 record. It is very frustrating, that with the exception of Friday night's game in Kansas City, this could have and should have been an 8-1 road trip. If the bullpen just would have not blown those two games in Detroit the Cardinals would be a half game out of first place heading into Monday night's game against the Mets. That is frustrating but with how this season has shaken out I think all Cardinals fans can live with being 2 1/2 games out of first and sitting in the wild-card spot headed into the month of July.

The Mets come in for a big 4 game set this week. While looking at this series on the surface it just looks like another 4 game series but when you look deeper into the numbers this series to me is just as important as the Cubs series this upcoming weekend.

There are only two teams between the Cardinals and Mets right now in the Wild Card Standings. The Brewers are 2 games back. Until the Brewers can show they aren't going to wilt in September I don't consider them a threat to the Cardinals.

The Marlins are 4 games back and you have to think that they can't keep pace to make the playoffs. So that leaves the Mets sitting 6 games back as the biggest threat to the Cardinals for the Wild-Card spot in my mind.

If somehow the Cardinals can sweep the Mets that puts New York 10 games back. Of course if you flip that the Mets are now only 2 games back of the Cardinals. I know it is only June heading into July but this is a very important series for the Cardinals and their playoff chances.

It's an early start on Monday. 6:05 start.....John Maine vs. Kyle Lohse for this very important 4 game series.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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