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Jim Edmonds Return

Friday night brings the return of Jim Edmonds to Busch Stadium. There seems to be a lot of conversation about whether or not Edmonds will be cheered when he comes to bat. Are you kidding me? This town cheers for a sacrifice bunt to move a runner over. They will certainly cheer for Jim Edmonds. If he isn't then it will be a huge injustice. Jim Edmonds is the greatest centerfielder in St. Louis Cardinals history. Period.

The debate isn't even close. There are only two or three candidates that you could even suggest as being close to approaching Edmonds in Cardinals history. With all due respect to Curt Flood, Willie McGee, and Terry Moore they weren't quite in the same league as Edmonds. Not only did he have great gold glove defense but before injuries hampered him, Edmonds from 2000-05 averaged 33 HR and 98 RBI a season. Those are ridiculous numbers.

On top of his greatness by the numbers he provided three of the greatest individual plays in St. Louis Cardinals history. #1 was the 2004 NLCS Game 6 home run in the bottom of the 12th Inning. That was one of the classic playoff games of all time not just in Cardinals history. #2 was his catch in Game 7 of that same NLCS. He saved the game in that first inning by making an unbelievable diving catch preventing the big inning. #3 was his catch on Jason LaRue in Cincinnati where he had his entire arm over the wall and catches the ball.

All of those things are what made Jim Edmonds one of my personal favorites and a fan favorite. Sure there were times where the hollywood theatrics were a little much, but #15 played hard every night and was the greatest centerfielder in Cardinals history.

It should be a tremendous ovation and a tremendous night for Jim Edmonds at Busch Stadium.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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