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The Cardinals just shockingly shutout the Phillies tonight, winning 2-0. Shocking may be an understatement. The Cardinals were facing the Phillies best pitcher this evening in Cole Hamels. They didn't exactly tear the cover off the ball but they got enough to win.

Joel Piniero hasn't won a game since April 29th and pitched poorly in his past two starts. Figuring that they were playing the game in the launching pad known as Citizen's Bank Park that was a bad combination. Somehow he shut down maybe the most potent offense in the National League going 6 1/3 shutout innings and giving up just 5 hits. That couldn't of been predicted.

On top of all of that the Cardinals were licking their wounds from an awful performance on Sunday against the Cubs. As well, since their last game their two biggest rivals have made huge moves making their teams that much stronger. Common sense would tell you that tonight would have and should have been a loss but yet again this team surprises everyone with a terrific performance.

This team has been contrarian all year. You think the team is going to be awful at the beginning of the season they turn out to be pretty good. You think this team is going to have the wheels fall off and they come through stronger. The only problem is that for me every time I start believing in this team they start wheezing.

So I am still going to say that it is most likely that the Brewers and Cubs are going to make the playoffs in some order. But tonight is just another example how tough this Cadrinals team is.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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