Ready for some football..... -

Ready for some football.....

I know it is only July 9th but tonight is one of those nights where I am ready to start seeing some football. For me baseball is a love but football is my passion. The Cardinals story really hasn't changed over the past few weeks so maybe that is what is partially driving this but I am ready to see if the Rams are going to resurrect themselves in this town. I want to see if Chris Long is going to be the real deal. I want to see if Marc Bulger is going to return to his former Pro Bowl form. I want to see if Torry Holt still has some gas left in the tank or injuries have finally slowed him down. I want to see if Steven Jackson can be the dominant running back in the NFL. Will Orlando Pace be back at a Pro Bowl level? So many questions at Rams Park.

I am really interested to see if the Missouri Tigers can actually contend for a national title. I want to know if I will live to see a Missouri Tiger raise a Heisman Trophy. Can Chase Daniel be that good? Will Jeremy Maclin be as good as he was or is there a sophomore slump? Who will take charge in the back field without Tony Temple? Lots of things to find out in Columbia.

Champaign has some questions too. I really want to see if Ron Zook and the Illini are going to build off of last year's Rose Bowl bid and maybe compete for a national title themselves. How do the Illini replace Mendenhall? How much better is Juice Williams going to be this season? I REALLY can't wait to see those teams meet at the Dome.

Add on top of that the next high school football season. The next stars are working hard quietly in a weight room somewhere and we don't even know their names yet. But we will before November is done.

The players are all working out but until they hit the field we don't get to start answering some of those questions. There will be a lot more questions before they all hit the field in August but I am ready to see some players in pads on the field.

I miss football.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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