Caught In The Middle -

Caught In The Middle

So what would you do? One of the greatest quarterbacks in all time leaves you. Says he is done. He has hinted at this before, several times before as a matter of fact, but didn't really do it till this spring. You have had to have a Plan B but haven't had to use it for two seasons. Finally your star says that's it and you begin on Plan B. The star calls you in late spring and says he has a change of heart. You decide that even though he has called it quits it is worth reopening the door again. The star calls a day later and says nevermind. You stick with your Plan B and then like a lightning bolt, right before training camp, he demands to come back. What would you do? Would you take him back?

The Packers don't have the luxury of not making a decision. They are living this nightmare. It seems like an easy call to bring Brett Favre back but I totally understand their reservations. First, what guarantee do they have that Brett won't miss the family at training camp and leave the team hanging in early August? What kind of shape is he in? He hasn't been around at all this summer working with their receivers like Aaron Rodgers has. You have no idea what his mindset is and football is not one of those sports you can give 80% to. If you are not playing at 100% of your ability either you will get hurt or you will get someone else hurt. Especially at the NFL level.

I understand, and the Packers certainly understand, that Brett Favre means everything to the organization. He is the most popular Packers player ever. If I was GM I would definitely not trade him. What I would do is bring in the following 4 players: Donald Driver, Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher and Al Harris, for a meeting. I would ask them flatout these two questions. First do you want him back as your starting quarterback? If the answer to number one is yes then my second question is do you trust and believe that he will not leave this team after a couple bad weeks in the season or during training camp. If the answer is yes to both questions then I bring him back as the starter and apologize to Aaron Rodgers that we have changed course.

The NFL is a win now league. You can't build for three years down the road. So if the locker room is on board then Brett Favre should be back as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. If not he has to ride the pine but you can't possibly trade him to someone else or give him a release.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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